11 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents

Your pregnancy is a big life change — and not just for you. Your own mom and dad may feel almost as excited as you are about your growing family. After all, your parents (and parents-in-law, too) will also be gaining a new family member. They may even be becoming grandparents for the very first time. And while some parents might be surprised by your big news, others have likely been eagerly anticipating and hoping for just this kind of announcement.

So, make it a memorable one! Although a simple phone call, printed sonogram photo or in-person conversation always works, unexpected announcements can also help share your big news in surprising, touching and sometimes hilarious ways. Giving your parents something tangible — or snapping a photo of their reaction — will be particularly appreciated by Instagram- and Facebook-loving moms and dads, who can share that they’ll soon be grandparents with their friends on social media.

Looking for some inspiration for how to let your parents know that you’re pregnant? Below, see how real-life moms and dads announced their big news to their own parents, taking advantage of creative baked goods, crafts, gifts and more.

Pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

A photo montage — with a twist

Sharing a slideshow of recent vacation or wedding photos? Slip in the big news in the middle of the montage. Watch as the grandparents-to-be become positively exhilarated once the “new adventure” ahead photo — complete with adorable pets and a framed sonogram — makes its way onto the slideshow.

Personalize a onesie 

This is one clothing gift that definitely won’t fit — but as Grandma and Grandpa hold up the teeny-tiny, oh-so-wee onesies proclaiming “You’re going to be grandparents!” or a similar message, they’re unlikely to request a return receipt. 

Say it with sweets 

Your news is sweet, so why not make the way you deliver it sweet as well? Try hand-decorated cookies to tell parents that they’re going to be grandparents. This is a nice option if you have far-flung relatives, too; ask a local bakery to deliver the treats, then ask your parents to call you before opening the box. Another clever idea: Carefully insert your news on a slip of paper in a fortune cookie.

Make a toast

Moms-to-be won’t be able to partake, but you can still gift a bottle of wine (or bubbly!) with a personalized label to share your big news. This announcement can be particularly fun if the timing works to reveal your news around a holiday or family get-together.

Write a personalized note 

If you’re far away — or just really want to be able to watch your parents’ reactions — consider giving the future grandparents a card to read. It’s up to you what to include… and also optional if you’d like to film their faces while reading your message!

Create a sign

Why should moms and dads get all the fun of holding up a sign? If you know your own parents will want to shout the news to everyone they know, make it easy for them: Create this sign that will let them post about their newest family member easily on social media. (Psst: A personalized ornament could also work well during the holiday season.) 

Make them a countdown clock

The baby will make its appearance in how many days? Give the grandparents-to-be a countdown to your due date. You can opt to purchase a pre-made sign or create your own (using a chalkboard, poster or printing out an online design).

Give ‘em a tee

Give grandparents a T-shirt with the news, and you’ll be able to capture unforgettable photos of them absorbing the writing on the shirt — as well as pictures of them wearing it.

Update the family tree 

Your nuclear family is growing, and the entire family tree is getting a new branch. Create an updated version of your family tree to reflect the newest family member.

Butter them up

Along with an iconic sonogram picture, share a message that conveys how excited you are for your parents to be your baby’s grandparents. After all, who doesn’t love a compliment? 

A mug with a message 

Many websites make it easy to customize a coffee mug with a message of your choice. This is another great idea if you’re looking to have grandparents share the news on social media — now they have something to pose with in their photos! 

Written by Madeleine Burry

Madeleine Burry is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor, covering health, parenting and wellness. She’s written for many online publications, including HealthPreventionWomen’s Health and Apartment Therapy. Previously, she was the associate managing editor for Parents.com, and a managing editor for Scholastic’s parenting site. You can follow her on Twitter @lovelanewest.

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