4 Top Tips For Finding The Right School For Your Child

Getting the right education for your children is important. School gives them the start in life that they need. It can help to shape their personalities and it can give them many of the skills that they will take forward into their careers, while also giving them the direction that their studies and employment future will take them. They will potentially meet friends who they will hold dear to them for life. With that in mind, getting it right is important. 

Thinking about your child’s schooling is something that you should start to do very early on. Certainly by the time they are two you should know where they will attend first. But, you may want to think about their education going right up to their late teens. 

Here are a few tips for helping you to make one of the most important decisions in your child’s future. 

Match The Ethos 

Firstly, you will want to match the ethos of the school with your own outlook. If you want your child to study in a faith environment, then you may want to consider enrolling them in a private Christian college. 

If the school has a strong inclusion policy, and history of providing support and tolerance, this may be a major tick in their favor if thos values are important to you. You may want your child to be in a school that values uniqueness and puts personality over academic excellence. 

If you are concerned about bullying, speak with the school and try to learn about how they handle it. If you know of other parents who have children in the school already, find out from them about the track record on this matter. 

You may have a child who has special learning needs. If this is the case, find out what each school will do to help your child. 

Find A School That Is Stong In The Subject Areas That Are Important To You

You may feel as though certain subjects are important. If you believe that a school may be strong in science, then this may be what you want for your child. If you value creativity, then look for a school with a strong arts program. 

If exam results have been made public, have a look at these and this may give you an idea of how well these schools are performing in these areas. 

Look At How The School Performs In Its Teaching Standards

Look at inspection reports for the schools in your area, see where they come in for their teaching standards. This may be made available from your local authorities. 

Visit The School Yourself

Go and visit the school and talk to the staff. See what the school is like when you visit. What are the classrooms like, do they look as though they are happy places of learning?  Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions about the school from the teaching staff as possible. This is after all one of the biggest decisions you will make on behalf of your children.

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