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The Perfect Trousers for Winter

There are a few things that stylish men constantly change, with every season and every year: their shoes, their jackets and more importantly, their trousers. And while others wouldn’t give this matter another thought, we’re willing to bet that a fresh pair of trousers could get any man out of his bed.

Not that we have something against chinos – because we love them – but during the colder season, some men might rather switch their summer chinos with trousers that are a bit more warm, such as corduroys, wool pants and so on. And can you blame them really? 

And with the rise of prints and patterns, we’ve noticed that plaid trousers were making a huge comeback, and so were more discrete ones. The secret to pulling off winter pants like a pro lies in the accessorizing department – pair your winter pants with brogues, desert boots or leather boots and forget everything anyone has ever taught you about men’s fashion. To help you out, we’ve scoured some of the best winter pants!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

Dolce & Gabbana
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Via Farfetch

Via Matches Fashion

PT 01
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Polo Ralph Lauren
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Via Moda Operandi

Via Moda Operandi

Via Matches Fashion

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