Actress Blake Lively, 31, earns her fashion stripes in this smart white suit

Tracey Lea Sayer, Fabulous Fashion Director


Tracey says: “Blake Lively, your style-icon status just keeps growing!

“White suits are at the top of my ultimate wardrobe list.

“This one is not only white, it’s three-piece, wide-legged and finished off with a corsage – perfect for a September wedding.

“Masculine, but totally feminine at the same time. Love it.”
✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶

Lynne Mckenna, Fabulous Fashion Editor


Lynne says:  “What a way to wear a three-piece!

“Blake has been nailing extreme tailoring for a while, and this time she’s given formal pinstripes a feminine edge by adding a frilled shirt and pink accessories.

“It’s not a look I could pull off as well as Lady Lively, who makes masculine tailoring look chic and stylish.”
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