After Performance Hijab, Now A Swim Hijab: Nike Unveils Its New Victory Swim Collection

American sportswear company Nike unveiled its new Victory Swim Collection that includes a full-coverage swimsuit and a swim hijab. The swimwear line will be available beginning Februray 20.

The company announced that the new collection, which includes the Nike Victory Full-Coverage Swimsuit, along with swim separate options — the Nike Victory Swim Hijab, the Nike Victory Swim Tunic Top and the Nike Victory Swim Leggings . According to the company, the new collection will bring performance innovation to modest swimwear.

The fabric is designed to be lightweight, breathable and fast-drying. The suits also have a high ultraviolet skin protection factor, according to Nike.

The full-coverage suit is available along with a separate hijab, tunic top and swim leggings and will provide a “game-changing option for female athletes seeking full coverage and full range of motion in the water”.

Nike said that it had identified a striking gap in apparel for water sports — specifically, a lack of options for female athletes who don’t want to choose between modesty and movement with comfort and confidence. Swim Hijab is an apparel innovation in to response to such a need.

Nike had earlier released a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes in 2017, which featured a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester in dark, neutral colors with tiny holes that make the fabric breathable and opaque. Nike began developing the hijab after some Muslim athletes complained about wearing a traditional headscarf during competition.

“The more we listened, the more possibility we saw to serve female athletes in new dimensions,” says Martha Moore, Nike Creative Director, VP. “As we continue broadening our vision for innovation, we’re excited to inspire more women to see themselves in sport by thinking creatively and designing inclusively. To us, Nike Victory Swim Collection shows the power of innovation to invite all women to discover the joy of sport.”

Nike also said that it is dtermined to continue innovating for athletes of all backgrounds, body types, abilities and aspirations.

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