Amy Schumer is launching a size-inclusive fashion brand

Photo: Leesa Evans (L) and Amy Schumer (R) have created inclusive fashion brand Le Cloud

Amy Schumer is launching a size-inclusive fashion brand

Fashion that fits everyone is no laughing matter, says the comedian

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Granted, Amy Schumer may not be the first person you’d think of when it comes to spearheading a fashion brand. But, having experienced firsthand how clothes can affect her confidence and self-worth, the comedian has teamed up with costume designer and celebrity stylist Leesa Evans to create a new clothing brand, Le Cloud, which aims to be as inclusive as it is affordable.

Schumer has been vocal about her body image, noting in a 2015 interview with Maria Shriver on The Today Show that it has been “a struggle for me my whole life […] Going to put jeans on or things that I see girls in magazines or on TV wearing wasn’t agreeing with my body type. You feel bad and wrong. It creates so much anxiety.” After countless occasions where she was made to feel uncomfortable by stylists and the fashion industry at large, an experience with Evans – who created the costumes on Schumer’s film Train Wreck – turned things around.

Speaking to WWD, Schumer said, “She [Evans] taught me about proportions, and she taught me that I could feel comfortable in something other than sweatpants. The tools that she gave me for feeling comfortable and feeling that I could reach my full potential, and I was more worthy to be out in the world in an outfit. I wanted to pass that on to every woman.” It became the catalyst for setting up the brand. “That is my truest, deepest reason I wanted to do this. And wanting it to be affordable and comfortable and look great.”

There is no doubt that, currently, a huge gap in the market for inclusive fashion remains. However, 2019 could be set to address this, with some of Hollywood’s biggest names shining a light on the issue. Alongside Schumer, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has teamed up with inclusive fashion brand Universal Standard to create a five-piece capsule collection that caters to US sizes 00-44 (UK size 2-44). This year, Rihanna added more sizes to her Savage X Fenty range (which currently runs from XS to 3XL) noting: “Everyone should feel good wearing lingerie. That’s it.”

Likewise, Schumer’s clothing range seeks to address the needs of a broad spectrum of women. With clothes ranging from a size XS to XXL (UK 4 to 22) and plans to extend up to a US size 40 as soon as possible (“It will be soon,” Schumer said on her Instagram), the 23-piece collection is designed with women’s needs in mind. Speaking of the project with Schumer, Evans said, “When designing Le Cloud, we approached each style with the goal of creating shapes that make women feel good about themselves […] When you find those silhouettes, they become your daily uniform. It’s both an emotional and positive connection to clothing that we’re trying to create through our brand.”

Le Cloud will be in store and online at Saks 5th Avenue (which now ships to the UK) on 13 December, with prices starting from $38 (£29). “We take our product seriously, but not ourselves,” said Schumer. And that’s the thing – fashion should be fun, it should be joyous, but it should also be something every woman can enjoy. Making sure that happens is serious business and, with the likes of Schumer and other celebrities using their platforms to make progress, it will hopefully be regarded as such.


Photo: Leesa Evans (L) and Amy Schumer (R) have created inclusive fashion brand Le Cloud

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