Best Workouts during Pregnancy

The excitement of having a baby will top all the happiness one can experience. A woman goes through a lot of emotional and physical changes during pregnancy. Some of these changes are welcoming but some changes might prove uncomfortable for the mom-to-be. For this purpose, being physically active must be your number one priority.

During pregnancy your ankles are swollen, your back hurts, and you are unable to sleep properly. Muscle cramps are one more thing to worry about. Use of iron supplements may help with these pains to some extent. Buying pregnancy supplements and medicines have now been easier due to online order and offers like PricePro Pharmacy savings.

Together with the intake of a balanced diet and supplements, exercise is the best action-plan you must devise which will help you deal with all the challenges of pregnancy. Experts at American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) believe that exercising during pregnancy can lower the chances of:

  • excessive weight gain
  • cesarean birth
  • pre-term birth
  • lower birth weight
  • gestational diabetes or hypertensive disorders such as preeclampsia

These exercises are specifically planned to support the body through its physical changes during pregnancy. Here are some suggestions:


A 20-30 minutes session of brisk walking or running will provide cardio-vascular workout with a little less strain on knees and ankles. You can walk anytime anywhere it does not even cost a dime. Keep in mind to choose areas with a smooth surface, avoiding potholes, rocks or any other obstacles.


Swimming is an activity that will do wonders for your body. Swimming will not put any pressure on the joints. Breaststrokes may help with opening up the shoulder muscles and relieve off back-ache. Use of a kickboard can help with leg and ankle pains. However, refrain from jumping or diving, which could impact the belly.

Stationary Cycling

Apart from its many benefits, an exercise bike is perfect for a workout at home during exceptional circumstances like a pandemic. Cycling on an exercise bike doesn’t put much stress on the joints. It strengthens your bones and joints by using smooth movement as it’s a low-impact cardio workout machine. Although a higher handlebar might be more comfortable during the third trimester.

Low impact Aerobics

Low impact aerobics will strengthen heart and lungs, help maintain balance and muscles tone and limit stress on the joints. Some exercises are particularly useful during pregnancy, as they prepare the body for labor and delivery. Such as squatting which may help open the pelvis during labor. Pelvic tilts help reduce back pain and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Word of advice

Hard workouts and extreme weight lifting might be harmful for the body during pregnancy. It’s better to stay fit but cut down all the activities that may harm your body or the fetus in any way. Professionals advise to focus your workouts on core and pelvic muscles, which can help build a stronger core before the major event of delivery.

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