Burberry delivers AR technology to Google Search ( Fashion )

International luxury brand Burberry has launched an Augmented Reality (AR) shopping tool using Google Search that allows consumers to visualize its products within their immediate surroundings.

The app embeds 3D images of the products in users’ environments as captured via their smartphone cameras, allowing them to “see” their prospective purchases as if they were right in front of them.

Consumers searching for Burberry products on Google will be able to access the AR images so as to have a clearer conceptualization of the product before purchase. The tool is intended to enhance the inspiration phase of the decision to purchase, which is now thought to be becoming increasingly important for luxury consumers.

The tool is currently available within searches for the brand’s Black TB bag or Arthur Check Sneaker conducted within the US or UK, with plans for global rollout for a variety of products over the coming months.

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