Cycling During Pregnancy: How to Do it Safely

It’s amazing your sweet bundle of joy is on his or her way! it’s really amazing. At this point, I’m quite sure you are confused on whether you could still enjoy your jolly ride down the lane on your chic bike. And who says that’s not possible? 

Let’s briefly capture how important exercising at this period is for you; it helps you keep in shape. It prepares your body for the big day – your delivery day. So sweet!!! 

So, if cycling has always been your favorite thing, you shouldn’t stop because of the bump. The following tips will help you still maintain the flow just for the first and second trimesters though. Cycling, particularly on the road, is not recommended for you at your third trimester because the risk of falling is high and in the process, you might injure the baby.

Be conscious of your state

You’re an expectant mother now, your body is changing and trying to adapt to the baby. You are not your usual self who could travel thousands of kilometers on a two-wheeled machine without getting hurt.  It’s important that you are aware that you have a life growing inside of you. What this means is that while cycling; you have to tread with caution. You have to listen to your body; take it slow and steady. If you feel awkward, it’s time you stopped and relax. You could continue when you feel good again. 

Use electronically enhanced bikes

This is just perfect for you especially when your bump is massively out. Electric bikes best help carry you around without you going through the stress of paddling it with your feet. You exercise at a very safe and convenient pace. It’s really cool if you can lay your hands on one of those – kinda make the experience more thrilling.

Pay attention to your  balance

It won’t be nice tripping off the bike because you lost balance. It won’t be good for you, neither will it be for your baby. Notice when your growing bump begins to affect your balance whether you’re cycling on the road or doing indoor cycling. If it’s something beyond your control, it’s better you stay off the bike. 

Adjust your bike for the best comfort

Ensure that you adjust your bike properly. Raise the handlebars if you need to so that you can sit upright on the bike. Also, always ensure that you bicycle seat is properly balanced and positioned.

Avoid long distances

If you have to cycle downtown, I think you just should wait till after you’d deliver the child and gotten back in shape. There’s no point going on Gulliver’s travel while pregnant. Remember, it’s only for exercise and not transportation. You should also cycle in the company of friends and family. It’s safer that way.

Carry your therapist along

Let your doctor know about your exercises. In fact, carry them along on every detail about your cycling exercises. These guys are professionals; you should trust their expert opinion on how you should exercise. It’s best for you and the baby. 

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