Embracing my pregnancy style

Welcome to a new mini-series, “Embracing my pregnancy style” ✨

I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut over the past couple of months in terms of fashion & style. With my tummy (& arms, legs, boobs and everythingbloodyelse) getting bigger (something that’s taking a lot to come to terms with in itself) I’ve found myself stood in front of my wardrobe on a daily basis trying desperately not to cry (and sometimes failing not gonna lie) then giving up and throwing on a pair of stretchy gym leggings, a baggy top and a scarf and getting on with my day, feeling, well let’s be honest, pretty bloody crap, frumpy, and not at all like myself.

With the warm weather approaching pretty fast and the realisation that gym leggings and a scarf aren’t gonna cut it forever, I finally gave into the pretty inevitable fact that I was gonna have to make some room in my wardrobe for maternity wear and took myself to ASOS (obvs).

Believe it or not, maternity shopping wasn’t as gruelling as I imagined, there was actually some pretty decent things for us preg gals!

As long as you can cope with the annoying fact that all maternity-wear ASOS models are NOT at all a true representation of pregnant people and instead are v clearly teenie tiny toned girls with a fake, perfectly rounded bump, similar to a football stuck to their tummy making it pretty hard to tell what the outfits will actually look like………..But yeah, moving on 🙄

I’ve never been one to love baggy dresses but this one is actually kind of a dream 💘 It gives plenttttty room for my bump (which actually looks so small on all of these pics for once. He must be camera shy… unlike his Mum). And while it didn’t pull in at the waist which is usually a make or break for me when it comes to dresses pre pregnancy, it was nice and comfortable and the detailing on the top made up for the kinda slight lack of shape.

I paired this dress with a New Look snake-print cross shoulder bag, my New Look teddy coat and some ASOS mirrored sunglasses!

If you’re pregnant please let me know all about your fave maternity finds! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates on when the next post in this series will be up!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Beth xx

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