Fashion brands with designer objects for your consideration: Balenciaga, Hermès, Gucci and more

Lovers of all things aesthetic, it’s time to revel in delight. Balenciaga has just released a limited edition shiny, metallic sneaker — to mount on your display wall, and never wear — as part of their inaugural Objects line. It seems almost absurd, because when we think of something that deserves a place in a museum, or an exquisite paper weight display on your working desk, few would associate such collectible-worthy pieces with the likes of high-end designer brands like Balenciaga, Gucci or Prada. We may associate these brands with the most coveted looks in the fashion world, but we’re pretty sure it’s safe to say most of us don’t think of Gucci when we’re buying a tray, for example. But time and again, as the lines between art, fashion, and design blur and blend together, more and more of these luxury fashion houses are venturing into their own aesthetic takes on various side ventures. So be it their own artistic twists on homeware, or collectible displays like Balenciaga’s silver brass sneaker, we’ve collated all the most unique designer objects to consider if you’re down for the splurge on what some of these brands have to offer. Ready to over-indulge? Catch them all, above.

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