Gucci quits Fashion Week, will host just 2 shows a year


Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has done a lot of thinking while in lockdown. His conclusion: Fashion Week is over.

The head of the fashion label posted the results of his contemplation, in both Italian and English, as a six-page diary entry to the company’s Instagram account Saturday. In it, he declares the fashion calendar obsolete and says the label will hold just two shows a year, calling the traditional seasonal designations “stale and underfed.”

The coronavirus pandemic has already halted presentations for the foreseeable future, with menswear and haute couture shows planned for June and July canceled, and the September fashion weeks in doubt. 

“I decided to build a new path, away from deadlines that the industry consolidated and, above all, away from an excessive performativity that today really has no raison d’être,” Michele writes, saying the fashion line will produce just two seasonless lines a year. 

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“We will meet just twice a year,” he continues, “to share the chapters of a new story. … I would like to leave behind the paraphernalia of leitmotifs that colonized our prior world: cruise, pre-fall, spring-summer, fall-winter.”

The announcement of a smaller footprint for the fashion brand followed Michele’s ruminations on the waste produced by humans in general and the fashion industry specifically. 

In an expansive prose, the fashion director said, “Our reckless actions have burned the house we live in. … We incited Prometheus, and buried Pan. So much haughtiness made us lose our sisterhood with the butterflies, the flowers, the trees, and the roots.”

As consumers demand more sustainable fashion, and smaller brands advocate an overhaul of the business, Michele’s actions at Gucci actions put one of the world’s largest fashion houses at the center of the conversation. 

His announcement follows Saint Laurent‘s announcement last month that it would sit out Paris Fashion Week and set its own calendar going forward.


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