h! FASHION Colorful, Light, and Sheer: the Maxi Dresses You Need for this Summer

Warm weather, sunshine, and the desire to take full advantage of hot summer days are inviting conditions for wearing maxi dresses that come to life with the breeze, the sun, and every occasion imaginable.

Like every year, this summer season couldn’t go without those wide silhouettes we love for their relaxed elegance, comfort, and undeniable beauty. And just like every new cycle, this item captures so many different fashion trends—including an abundance of colors, prints, and materials—that we’re sure you’ll be able to find at least one that you like.

From voluptuous  tropical prints  to the never-ending charm of the oh-so feminine pink, including see-through textures and  hypnotizing dyeing methods , we’ve got some of the many options you have for wearing these sheer silhouettes.

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