Here’s Everything That You Should Know About Pregnancy Brain

There are a lot of changes that a woman goes through during pregnancy. A lot of them are physical: your hair becomes thicker, your back may become sore, and- most obviously- you’ll grow a beautiful baby bump. But there are a lot of mental changes that happen to a woman when she’s pregnant. One of the biggest and arguably most well-known is pregnancy brain.

Pregnancy brain is when a woman becomes forgetful during her pregnancy. You may forget to take the trash out, send that important email, or take out something to cook for dinner. In other words, you forget things you wouldn’t normally forget while you’re pregnant.

For the longest time, pregnancy brain was believed to be nothing more than just another pregnancy-related myth. In fact, there are still plenty of people who believe that it isn’t real. But many women who’ve are or have been pregnant swear that pregnancy brain is all too real. When you really think about it, this phenomenon is most likely real.

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During pregnancy, your number one concern is always your unborn baby. Moreover, being pregnant can cause you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. This includes going to the doctor more often, going to the bathroom more often, or not being as active as you usually are. Getting ready to have a baby consumes not only your body but also your mind. To put it simply, it’s a stressful situation for anyone. As a result, you’re more likely to forget stuff that you wouldn’t otherwise forget about.

Another massive contributor to pregnancy brain is a lack of sleep. A lot of pregnant women have said that a goodnight’s sleep is hard to come by. Some reasons for this include having to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (again), or not being able to get comfortable enough to stay asleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause you to become forgetful, which in turn leads to a classic case of pregnancy brain. That’s why experts stress the importance of trying to sleep well while you’re pregnant to keep pregnancy brain to a minimum.

If you wish to not have pregnancy brain be a problem for you, talk to others who’ve been pregnant. This may be friends, family, or anyone else you trust. They may be able to relay their amusing stories about pregnancy brain affecting them, as well as tips and tricks that they used to keep it at bay. Sharing your experiences and feelings may also help you feel better about what you’re going through. In addition, accepting and rolling with your body’s mental and physical changes during pregnancy will make it easier to cope. Remember: pregnancy brain won’t last forever because pregnancy doesn’t last forever. Just hang on because the reward of your baby being born will make it all worth it.

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