How to help your child learn more effectively

We’re all aware of how important praise is to our children, but if we want to help them become effective learners, we need to make sure we’re praising the right things.

That means giving them positive feedback for their progress, effort and achievement, rather than their ability.

Telling your child, ‘you did really well to persevere with that maths problem,’ or ‘you did really well on that task, that’s a great mark,’ or, ‘I love how you’ve used some good adjectives in your writing,’ is much more valuable than saying, ‘you are fantastic at spelling,’ or, ‘you’re so good at maths.’

‘Using language that celebrates effort, process, outcomes and perseverance focuses your child on their growth, and will help them learn to value the skills that will serve them well when they face a challenge, whether in their schoolwork or in everyday life,’ Sherria explains.

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