How To Start Homeschooling Your Child, A Step-By-Step Guide

In some ways, your child will learn similar subjects at home as they would if they were in school. (So you’re still going to have to do decimals with your child.) That’s when having a good curriculum is crucial. “The most important tools to effectively homeschool is high-quality curriculum for reading, writing, and math. Those are the core subjects of any education and the foundation that all other subjects are built on,” Lauren Schmitz, a homeschooling mom and founder of The Simple Homeschooler tells Romper in an email. Beyond the basics, you can hone in on areas of interest for your child, whether that’s learning another language, history, art, music, or gym class.

But don’t feel that you have to replicate the typical 9-3 school day at home. “The dedicated homeschool day should only take 2-4 hours — unless your kids are really interested in the topic and want to keep diving in,” Lindsey Wander, Founder and CEO, WorldWise Tutoring LLC, tells Romper in an email.

Kimball Lewis, founder of Empowering Parents tells Romper that parents should keep it simple at the start of homeschooling. “As you get into it, you’ll do more and more things,” she says.

And unstructured time can be good for your child. Not only does independent study time give your child a chance to explore new hobbies and interests, but it also gives you a much-needed break, too.

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