How to take care during second trimester of pregnancy..

Well , firstly congratulations to you for passing your first trimester of your pregnancy.

First trimester is really new and mostly not so good phase because vomit , nausea , laziness , low appetite and mood swings make you feel really down in your initial days.

So , after first trimester here comes the “second trimester “. It’s a achievement in every pregnancy to reach this phase .

Well , this trimester is very important for growth and development of all body parts of baby .

During second trimester , a second -level ultrasound is done to know the accurate growth process of baby .

During second trimester , your body structure slowly changes and now different pregnancy effects are shown like stiff body, leg pains and cramps but still you feel relax and happy as now your food habits become good and you like to have few things of your taste.

And , now you started feeling your baby’s movement and a little baby bump is visible too to guess your pregnancy.

Personally , this is my third pregnancy so things are not so easy for me during this phase .

As , it’s really hectic to handle two kids and one more in bump .

Inspite of good intake , i feel weakness and tiredness all day.

Back ache is also really bad, and sleeping posture also get disturbed now.

Things to take care during second trimester:)

1.proper diet prescribed by your gynaecologist.

2.timely intake of supplements and tablets suggested by gynaecologist.

3. Take regular walk .

4. Increase intake of lots of fluids.

5. Be relax and think positive thoughts about yourself and baby.

6. Be regular to your routine checkup’s.

7. Always believe and listen to your elders pregnancy advises.

Follows up this chart to your diet .

👍 in this phase , my doctor prescribes me intake of iron and calcium.

👍 for ache and legs pain , rather than painkiller , i go for protein shake in milk.

I hope these little things help you during your this beautiful phase.


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