Kelly Parnell: Why not give 90’s fashion a second chance

Just because 90’s fashion is back and some of those styles may remain in the wardrobe doesn’t mean we’re wearing them, Kelly Parnell writes. I have.

When your wardrobe becomes obsolete and comes back again, you know you are old.

90’s fashion is back in earnest – Gen Z wore sweatshirts, crop tops and buggy jeans when I was young, which was cool for a while, but now it’s everywhere on the catwalk.

From Miu Miu to Chanel, Paris Fashion Week was full of it. This week’s runway all had slip dresses, bare midriffs, microminis, low trousers and sneakers. Even the shoes are repeated, and the mule has a must-have heel.

It’s great, except that it means I’m ancient.

The good thing is that you don’t have to go shopping. Technically, behind the wardrobe, you can hunt around for dusty old items that are now officially vintage.

It is a concern in itself. According to a recent comment by Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, if you don’t fit in the pants you wore at the age of 21, you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Thank you very much, Joyroy-I could probably have done it, but if I did, it would definitely be bad for everyone else’s health. This time it’s not possible to sport underwear as an outerwear, but for the sake of the community, it definitely fits in the stupid money shoes that turned out to be an investment. all.

I remember a regular senior woman who had a 1960s wardrobe to her toes when I was a Saturday girl working at my dad’s newspaper store at the time.

I was confused by her clothes – was she super cool, a little crazy, trendy, or went to a clothes party? As a teenager I couldn’t solve it.

But now, as I ponder the revival of fashion when I was young, I realized the terrible truth. The 1990s and 1960s were 30 years ago. This is a lifelong place for young and ruthless people. Do math: The 1990s are 30 years before the 2020s. Reader, the woman is me.

This cool idea at least ensured that the costumes I “literally still got” wouldn’t burn the eyes of anyone under the age of 25. Yes, I may still own it, but it stays on that hanger for my daughter.

But do you know one thing I want Gen Z to be able to revive from the 1990s? Free, not sweaters, shoes or bags.

Before mobile phones, I caught up with the other person directly instead of sending a message. You dated in real life. And when you went out, no one, at least all of your parents, knew where you were until you got home.

I backpacked all over the world and the only way my family could communicate with me was to send a handwritten airmail letter to a post office restante.

I lined up from India to the Indonesian post office and was handed a bunch of tissue paper from my home. You could also win Travel Bingo if the care package was included. I still remember the joy of finding what was waiting for me.

At that time, I knew very little, it would be one of the 90’s that would turn out to be valuable.

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