Luxury brand Coach launches Naruto collection with Michael B. Jordan


High fashion has been rather taken with Japanese characters recently.

Balenciaga makes Hello Kitty bags for men because high fashion

On Oct. 1, luxury brand Coach revealed their Naruto collection designed by American actor Michael B. Jordan.

You can watch the launch film here:

Naruto is apparently Jordan’s favourite anime series growing up.

Photo via Reddit

The collection covers everything from sneakers to backpacks and coats.

A T-shirt starts from US$95 (S$131.39), while a shearling aviator jacket goes up to S$2,500 (S$3457.72).

Here’s a look at some of the items the site.

Photo via Coach
Photo via Coach
Photo via Coach
Photo via Coach

This US$295 (S$408.01) belt bag is already sold out:

Photo via Coach

You can browse the full collection here.

Top image via Coach and @alodia on Instagram

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