Most Recent First look at the latest sultry scents from Bottega Veneta

Refreshing, warm and deeply sensual, the latest fragrance by Bottega Veneta transforms the finest ingredients into an unforgettable scent that evokes the languid sultriness of a sun-soaked afternoon spent in Italy.

Illusione for her

Bottega Veneta evokes sensual warmth with new Illusione fragrances
Illusione for her (Photo: Bottega Veneta)

Conceptualised and crafted by famed perfumers Annick Menardo and Amandine Clerc-Marie, this essentially feminine fragrance has a distinctively floral yet woody scent. Top notes of bergamot and black current playfully mingle with the fruitiness of orange blossom and the freshness of green fig leaves. A base note of olive wood and tonka bean provides the perfect touch for an aromatic dry down.  

Illusione for him

Bottega Veneta evokes sensual warmth with new Illusione fragrances
Illusione for him (Photo: Bottega Veneta)

Presenting the masculine perspective, this vibrant fragrance has been created by Antoine Maisondieu, a prolific perfumer of international repute. Its woody, citrusy aroma comes through with a sparkling intensity, courtesy top notes of lemon and bitter orange essence. White cedar wood and fir balsam add a resinous virility, while a blend of vetiver and tonka beans conveys a bold energy. 

The theme of seductive illusion is reflected in the fragrances’ flacons, as well. The clean, contemporary lines of the heavy glass containers lend an elegant, luxurious glow to the coloured fluid within — shimmering amber pink for her and a luminescent soft green for him. The exhilarating interplay of the shades strikes the perfect balance of mystery and allure, much like Illusione itself. 

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