Mum-to-be Lisa Haydon shows you that PREGNANCY is a time to rejoice & how!

Lisa Haydon is an actress we admire for her spunky attitude and chutzpah. But, now that she’s pregnant everyone thought that she would take it a little lightly and take loads of rest.

But trust Lisa to be different. The soon-to-be-mother is in her second trimester and going by the pictures she’s enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest. Yes, that’s right! Pregnancy is not stopping her from having fun and Lisa is flaunting her pregnancy body to the fullest and is quite comfortable in it.

Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram pictures that are now going viral:

The Queen actress announced her pregnancy on Jan 17 to her fans in a beautiful Instagram post less than three months after her much-talked about beach wedding. Haydon Instagrammed a photograph of her baby bump from the picturesque Lizard Island in Australia where she is currently holidaying with family, who live there.

She captioned the picture: “Humble beginnings,” and seems ready to take on the new responsibility.


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We must say that Lisa Haydon has her style game very much on point always and she is doing that during pregnancy as well. We all know that B-Town actresses are not too fond of flaunting their pregnancy body and it is only after Kareena Kapoor that the attitude has changed.

And now Haydon has taken it a step further by showing off her baby bump in a bikini. Looks like Haydon quite loves the beach as that was the place she chose for her wedding as well. Yes, that’s right!

The gorgeous model, fashion designer and Queen actor Lisa Haydon tied the knot with her long-time beau Dino Lalvani in a hush-hush beach wedding.

The simple Christian wedding took place in the picturesque Amanpuri Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, in the presence of close friends and family members of the bride and groom.

Loving your pregnancy body

Haydon is setting the right example and also giving a message to to-be mums on how to embrace their pregnancy body and love it for the way it is growing. Many women have a tough time coming to terms with their changing pregnancy body and many times they take it quite negatively, which clearly should not be the case. Here’s why you should be loving your pregnancy body like Lisa Haydon:

1.Happy mum means happy baby: The raging pregnancy hormones can lead to mood swings but the best way to deal with them would be by maintaining a calm demeanour and enjoying the phase to the fullest.

2. Keeps stress away: Stress during pregnancy can not only affect labour, but also have a negative impact on the health of your foetus, says research. It could also hinder its growth and development.

3. Strengthens your bond: Experts also say that once you cross the six-month mark, your baby can actually listen to the mother and also imbibe the happenings around. Needless to say, a positive environment would keep it calm and healthy.

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