Overprotective parenting: 4 tips for raising independent kids

Overprotective parenting can potentially have lasting negative consequences for kids. After all, kids need to learn on their own how to deal with tricky situations and learn from mistakes in order to prepare for what life may throw their way. If you have a tendency to be overprotective of your child, here are a few steps you can take to adjust your parenting style.

Take inspiration from others: Chat with other parents whose parenting style you admire. Ask them for their ideas and swap stories. But remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, and no single style of child-rearing is best for all kids in every situation.

Have an open conversation: Keep the lines of communication open with your child, regardless of their age. Be open to ideas and willing to hear out their wants and wishes — even if those are different from your own.

Go easy on yourself (and your kids): Give yourself a breather. As a hovering parent, you might enjoy the relaxation a bit. If your toddler is experimenting on the playground, let it happen and allow the consequences to follow. As long as your kid is safe, you can let nature take its course. Rein in your instinct to shut things down and see how your kid reacts. They might surprise you.

Talk to a professional: If you’re having a problem breaking away from your overprotective ways, seek out professional help. Therapy can be a great way to tap into your true motivations and find better coping mechanisms.

If you want a more complete guide to raising independent children, have a look at this article from Healthline.

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