Parenting Tips: 13 important things to remember before hiring a nanny

If you are going to hire a nanny or a babysitter, then there are certain things to keep in mind before finalising the deal. Read on to know them below.

Hiring a nanny or a babysitter is something that people across the globe do it as it makes it easy for the parents to handle both parenting and work. A nanny can stay with the baby 24/7 or can be there during the daytime only. Nowadays, since the parents mostly work and it often gets tough for them to balance their work and family. Hence, they decide to take help of the nanny.

But, if you are looking to hire a nanny, you need to keep certain things in mind. So, read on to know about those things right below.

What to remember before hiring a babysitter?

1-  First, you need to understand your baby’s needs. Is it for part-time or day-time or for the night-time? You have to allot work to her based on her timing. You cannot give her one-day work to finish in her part-time duty. So, know the criteria and then think about the work to allot her.

2-  Now, fix your budget. Don’t go over-budget with the charges. So, you can look for options and negotiate the charges.

3-  The babysitter will be a stranger. So, make sure, you are completely ready for it.

4-  Before hiring her, you should also talk to your family about it and consider their opinions also.

5-  Remember, just because you are paying them that doesn’t mean they don’t have any personal space. If your nanny is doing full-time duty in your house, then you do need to give her some personal time and space.

6-  You are allowing an unknown person in your family. She would be staying with you all the time and entering your baby’s life. So, before that make sure you do a background check about her. This step is highly recommended for safety purpose.

7-  Before finalising the deal, talk to her about everything clearly, like her salary, food or allowances, etc. What are you going to offer? You can also let the agency know about this contract to avoid any misunderstanding in future.

8-  Instead of hiring the nanny or the babysitter from any agency, you can go for your friend’s references. If they already know someone who has worked in their family, then try to hire them because your friends know them properly. Also, references are always better.

9-  Don’t avoid the trial period before hiring because the trial period allows you to observe how she works and the child to get acquainted with her. If the agency doesn’t provide any trial period, then ask them to for one or look for another agency for babysitter hiring.

10- It is always advisable to opt for a telephonic interview with the babysitters to get a first impression about them. And it should be done quite strategically where you should try to know about her. So, do it like a pro.

11- Once she starts to work, you can ask her for a xerox copy of her identity proof to be safe.

12- After she joins the work, the first thing you should do is to make a routine for her. This will include all her tasks to complete in a day based on time. Also, provide them with some emergency contacts on the list, like yours, your neighbour, your spouse and other members of the family.

13- Lastly, always try to build good communication with your nanny. This will strengthen the relationship and you can speak to her without any hesitation when needed.


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