Parenting Tips: THESE tips can keep your child stress free during exams

Preparing for exams can be really stressful for children. Read below to find out how you can can keep your child stress free during exams. These tricks will help you keep your child happy and positive during exams.

In today’s world, competition is increasing by every minute. The education system has sadly become more about marks than about knowledge and skills. Due to that, every child aims to come first in their class, which pressurises them to study more than their capacity. They aim to score 100 per cent because 90 per cent doesn’t matter any more. And due to this stress, they often forget to take care of their health. 

If your child is soon going to be appearing for an exam, then these are the tips that you should use to keep your child stress-free during exams. These tips will help you build a positive environment and will also allow your child to focus more while not stressing out much. Parents need to remember that it’s all about excellence, and hence pressuring kids by comparing them to others is something that they should avoid, especially during exams. 


Don’t burden them with your stress:


When it comes to exams, parents are often more stressed than the child. But when the exam dates near, it’s better to back off and help the child be calm. If you are still stressed try not showing it in front of your child since that’ll add up to more stress for him/her. 


Make sure they sleep well:


During exams, getting a good night’s sleep is quite important. So as a parent make sure that your child sleeps well since this will calm their nerves and keep them alert on the big day.


Refrain from bribing:


As a parent, you should motivate your child to excel without offering a bribe, such as an expensive gift. However, a family meal or movies is a good idea after the exam as it will also help take the pressure off.


Listen to them:


During exams, kids always want someone who can listen to their worries and doubts without passing judgment. So listen to your kids without blaming them for things that they’ve got wrong in the answer sheet. Be encouraging about the remaining tests and let them know you’re there to offer support, whatever the outcome.


Be there for them:


Be there for your kids during their exams. Stay aware of their needs, whether it’s revision, a cup of coffee or just being available to address any concerns.


Maintain a balance diet:


Make sure to add some nuts and milk to your child’s diet during exams. Make sure that they have all the meals, since nutrition plays an important role in keeping energy levels up.


Try not to have arguments:


If your child is not doing certain things, like making the bed or keeping the dish in the sink, it’s okay to point it out; however, refrain from having an argument over it, since your child needs to focus on their exams. 


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