Parenting Tips: Why is it essential to teach your child the importance of consent?

Teaching your child about consent may be much more important than you thought. It could save them and someone else; Read on

Consent is a big thing. A simple 2 letter word can make a big difference. It’s the biggest weapon everyone has against being pushed into doing something. Saying “no” is how we protect ourselves. Consent is not just about sex. It has a lot to do with crossing boundaries and staying safe and comfortable. Your child is not an expert when it comes to social life. He or she needs to know that they have the power to say yes or not.

They can consent to things and they can say “no”. Your child needs to recognize the importance of consent in life. As a parent, you may not realise what you’re doing if you fail to explain this to your child. 

Here are some reasons why teaching about consent is an essential part of good parenting and it could also save your child.

1. It helps your child understand emotions better and be more sensitive towards them. It helps them learn empathy.

2. Your child needs to know that some lines should not be crossed and there is no coming back from it. Understand consent will help them decide and establish healthy boundaries that every person needs.

3. It teaches them the importance of asking for consent and it teaches them how to do it.

4. It helps them understand the meaning of personal space. This allows them to decide the lines around their personal space.

5. This is how your child learns how to treat his or her partner. No one wants to be in a relationship with a person who does not understand consent and your child needs to know how to ask their partner for consent.

6. They learn how to hear and accept “no”. It’s important for your child to accept “no” and understand that it is not about them, it’s about the other person.

7. It helps them understand that sex is not about gender. Every person has the power to give consent. Gender and consent are not the same. A man can say “no” too. 

8. It helps them understand when someone else may be in trouble and needs help. It makes them an aware citizen.

9. No one wants to be the parents of a criminal and you need to ensure that your child does not become one.

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