This pregnancy, to put it mildly, has not been easy for me. It’s felt like one very long road. And we’re still very much in it. I know that the difficult things are where we grow the most, and I know that the end result, a baby, a precious life, is so worth it. While challenging, there are a few items that are helping me through it. These are some things I’m liking this time around.

Collagen. How I make my decaf lattes into essentially a protein shake (10 grams!) with this. I even took the travel sticks with me on our babymoon to Arizona, that’s how committed I am. I add it to my milk frother and blend the collagen and the nut milk together, and it makes the creamiest, foamiest, protein-packed lattes.

You may remember from my stories a while back that I started making my own almond milk and was officially converted. The process in my blender became a little time consuming and tedious, and I ended up just buying it more often out of convenience. I recently discovered the Almond Cow, and it eliminates the straining step, and clean up is so much easier than with the cheesecloths I was using. So thrilled to have an easier solution for fresh, plant-based milks. Use code ALLIESEIDEL for $15 off and free shipping.

Nordic Naturals. My go-to for omega three’s. I like their Prenatal and Postnatal formulas, and we will be using their Baby Vitamin D Drops again with this baby.

Water bottle. Any will do. I’ve thrown this one around for three years and while pricey, I still love it.

I finally found a natural nail polish I like. Intended for kids, it’s non-toxic and free of fumes and chemicals, which I especially appreciate in pregnancy. It’s not as long lasting as the chemical formulas, so I use the base and top coat and sealer to gain a few extra days.

My mom got me these slippers while I was on bed rest and they are life changing. They run small, size up for the best fit.

Still my favorite maternity jeans.

Making sparkling water at home with this on repeat.

I have worn this every day for about a week now. Possibly the best maternity dress ever made, the fabric and fit is amazing.

Loving these! Hoping they make your pregnancies (or just daily life!) a little easier too.

Shared in partnership with Almond Cow, Vital Proteins, and Nordic Naturals. Some links are affiliate. All words and opinions are my own.

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