Pregnancy – How To Handle Hypertension During It?

Hypertension or high blood pressure in itself is a problem where the patient may have the risk of getting a stroke or heart attack! When it combines with pregnancy, the situation may worsen. However, it is not always that hypertension during pregnancy is dangerous, but if care is not taken it may be fatal. Is hypertension during pregnancy really dangerous? When a woman has hypertension, either before conception or after it, she has risks of certain complications that may occur during pregnancy. With high blood pressure, the blood flow to the fetus is not normal; it decreases. Thus, the fetus does not get enough nutrients that it must get. <!–

–> Getting fewer nutrients may result in low birth weight as the baby will not receive enough nutrients. When the baby is not getting enough oxygen and nutrients through the body, your doctor may suggest getting pre-term delivery. Another emergency may occur if the placenta detaches itself from the uterus before maturing. Placental abruption sometimes can be very dangerous.

For delivery of a pregnant woman with hypertension, doctors generally prefer a Cesarean delivery. Another tough situation is preeclampsia that can be life-threatening for both baby and mother. It may lead to cardio vascular problem for the lady in the future life. There are different types of issues that occur due to high blood pressure that occurs either before pregnancy or during pregnancy.

Types of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy. Chronic Hypertension: This type of hypertension occurs in a woman before she conceives. It may also develop during the first two trimesters of pregnancy. Gestational Hypertension: If the high blood pressure develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is gestational hypertension and after birth, this problem goes away.

Preeclampsia: Both chronic and gestational hypertension may lead to preeclampsia. This is much serious than other situations and the level of protein in urine increases. It is required to take quick action for this type of problem. Taking medication for hypertension during pregnancy: During pregnancy, it is important to keep a check on every medication that the mother takes because each and everything affects the baby.

However, it is necessary to treat high blood pressure and keep it under control. There are certain medicines that are not dangerous during pregnancy, but certain medicines like angiotensin receptor blockers and others may be dangerous. Thus, it is better to take advice from a Doctor before the mother takes any medication. Finally, a pregnant woman should always consult her physician if she has chances of getting high blood pressure.


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