Rudkovskaya in a black organza dress staged a fashion show with Bilan on the street. Video

Evgeni Plushenko’s wife returned to Russia. She met with the singer and decided to fool around with him on camera before a social event

Yana Rudkovskaya and Dima Bilan. Photo:

Yana Rudkovskaya managed to miss travel. Due to the pandemic, she lost her vacation last year. Now the blonde is making up for lost time. Not so long ago, she rested in Saint-Tropez, and then visited Monaco. Also, the girl once again visited Paris Fashion Week where every time she appeared in public in luxurious couture looks. She even managed to see Hollywood stars and Bella Hadid herself.

And on July 10, Yana returned to Russia. However, she did not go home, but to St. Petersburg. Soon there should be a big concert “White Nights”. The stars began to gather in the city. It is possible that a social event will take place before this. Evgeni Plushenko’s wife dressed up in one of her dresses with a corset and a fluffy floor-length organza skirt. She met with her ward Dima Bilan, who appeared in a snow-white suit.

“Peter, hold on! Thank you for your hospitality, ”the blonde wrote.

Rudkovskaya began to defile with the singer on the street, and then fooled around with him on camera.

“Well, there is always fire with you!” – assured Bilan.

Fans admitted that the socialite looks harmoniously next to the artist. “You both look very beautiful”, “Wow, gorgeous woman, no words”, “Wow! How beautiful you are “,” This image suits you very much “,” The suit suits him so well, “the subscribers commented on the post. By the way, Yana left it a secret where she was going to spend the evening.

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