The Chicago Beauty Entrepreneur Behind the Kay’Chanel Wig Collection is Working Hard to Bring Black Women the Luxury They Deserve

Chicago entrepreneur and CEO Kay’Chanel is working overtime to bring layers of luxury to her Kay’Chanel Collection wig customers. Her top-quality quality wigs have become the most sought-after pieces for women looking to confidently update their look as often as they see fit.

Kay’Chanel has not only made wigs easily accessible online, but she has also spent time perfecting her brick-and-mortar downtown Chicago location which is said to be “extravagance personified.” Every detail–from the exclusive fragrance of Jo Malone perfume filling the air to the marble floors–bespeaks luxury, exclusivity, and black excellence. Kay’Chanel, an expert at creating meaningful customer service experiences, brings memorable personal touches to her customers with champagne and personalized attention every time. 

Kay’Chanel been in business for herself for three years and now she’s six figures strong and climbing. She says she always knew, growing up, that she wanted to raise the standards of excellence in the beauty industry, and after researching the needs of her community, she realized exactly how she could make such a contribution. She decided to open her own store, launching her wig collecting in 2018. The company has steadily grown since then, even surviving the global pandemic, and continues to thrive and shatter glass ceilings in Chicago and online today.

With high quality and luxury at the core of her brand, CEO Kay Chanel caters to high-profile clients that include celebrities, businesswomen, doctors, attorneys, celebrities, some of the hardest working women in Chicago. “I would never sell someone something that I myself wouldn’t wear,” Kay’Chanel tells The Hype. Known for their top-tier selections, the wigs feature laces and closures that are so fragile and thin that they resemble the scalp. 

Kay’Chanel, once homeless, says she has never lost her vision while navigating the beauty industry, and through the power of discipline she has created a culture of extravagance within both her personal and professional brands. The CEO hopes her lifestyle of luxury living will impact and inspire her customers and community to both embody black excellence and challenge them to raise the bar. Most importantly, she wants every man and woman to be happy. 

Kay’Chanel sat down with The Hype to discuss the power of discipline, engineering high-quality wigs, and creating a culture of luxury. 

How do you define discipline?

I define disciple as the ability to not feed into temptation. I think about longevity and the greater good. Temptation could be a business deal, or it could be as far as a situation in a relationship. I try not to do anything that will harm me in the long run, even for temporary satisfaction. 

You are known for your high-quality brand of top-tier wigs and for embodying black excellence. What inspired a former pregnant, homeless teenager to dream big and actually do it?

I was a stylist before I became a CEO, and over the years, I noticed that a lot of wigs had closures that did not look like a scalp. The laces were very thick and humpy and did not look like or resemble the scalps. I also noticed that the quality of the hair of the wigs were not good which would result in a matted up, mop looking wig. Upon researching the needs of women in my community I decided to put my innovation and creative genius to work and learned about the type of hair and laces that I would need to create to meet the needs and satisfy the desires of consumers who were looking for high-quality hair and were willing to pay top-dollar to have a one-of-a-kind wig tailored just for them. 

What does luxury living mean to you and what type of changes do you want to see in the lives of black women across the globe?

Let me start off by saying that luxury is in the eye of the beholder and that it’s up to each of us to both define and determine what luxury means to how and what the expression of that luxury will be. For some women, luxury living can mean upgrading or remodeling her home, purchasing luxury handbags, sending her kids to private school, purchasing a self-driving Tesla, and for some it may mean shopping at Whole Foods. Whatever the change, we are all entitled to it. The type of change I want to see is for it to be normal for Black women to do whatever makes them happy, even if it’s going to Dubai and riding on a camel’s back. I want to see them do whatever it is they want to do. 

Follow Kay’Chanel on IG @kay_chanel and visit @kaychanelcollection or for more information.

Written by: Jessica Dupree
Edited by: Craig Dewey Stanley
Photos by: Nahara @naharastudios

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