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Let’s play a little game: Tell me what your favorite Netflix genre is and I’ll tell you who you are.

While our favorite shows don’t dictate who we are exactly as a person, it plays a role on our subconscious. Our viewing habits tell us the kind of personality we have deep inside, the persona we’re afraid to show to other people, and the emotions we reveal behind our closed doors.

On some occasions, the way we consume content lights up the hidden side of our personalities. So, let me act as Tom Ellis aka Mr. Lucifer Morningstar from the show Lucifer, and instead of asking what is it that you truly desire, let’s share to the world who you secretly are.


If there’s one thing about K-drama that we can all agree on, it’s that there’s always an unexpected twist. K-drama lovers want the unexpected — out-of-the-box ideas, striking and vibrant lifestyles, and pursuing really creative ideas. They prefer unique storytelling and plots that are too surprising and unpredictable.

There’s also a high chance they fancy going to Seoul and reliving the same moments from their favorite shows. Why not, right? K-dramas portray a high-tech and functional country, and that’s something we’ve all been lowkey dreaming of especially when your government loves botching plans for the sake of personal gain.


A lot of Otaku — or hardcore anime fans as they are most commonly known for — are always stereotyped as shut-in NEETs since they like getting scooped in their lairs and if they’re not watching anime, they’re probably playing PC or video games.

But the truth is, they’re actually effective communicators. They can easily learn, understand, and translate different languages and they have a good grasp of their surroundings since their eyes are trained to be appeased by animations and other visual media.


Most people hate bandwagoners because they jump on the next trending show discussed across social media platforms, but they actually play a role in keeping the entertainment business alive. They add to those numbers and metrics needed by show producers to make sure the show is earning.

But above all, bandwagoners are good people who can help you in different social settings. They may seem self-absorbed and addicted to their phones and social media, but they’re up-to-date about the latest talk of the town, and they definitely know almost anything under the sun. Speak to them well, and they might just save you from awkward small talks.


We all have that friend who watches telly on their rest days, playing 80s and 90s sitcoms on a loop. You might’ve gone and suggested watching a series that premiered in 2021, but they still chose to seek solace in old sitcoms that made them laugh out loud. Don’t scratch your head, though.

They’re one of the sweetest and most caring people you’ll ever meet. They come back to their comfort shows because it’s part of their memories — and they don’t want to forget it, just like how they don’t want to forget your friendship and all the moments shared.


While it seems like almost everyone is up-to-date with the hottest Netflix series, there’s a rare breed of humans who love reality TV so much. You’ve probably seen them hyper-focused while they munch on popcorn as if they heard a juicy story and they’re quite keen on getting all the details right.

It might be funny, but people who love reality shows are the best people to ask for advice or wisdom. They know nothing is real with what they watch, but they always keep it real and come off sardonic, sometimes straightforward — which is probably why they don’t have a lot of friends and they spend a lot of time at home watching television.

Thrillers and horror

Those who love thrillers and horror shows are always in for adventures. Yes, even if they’re kind of scared when watching, or screams a lot. There’s a certain range for the kind of thrill-seekers, but one thing’s for sure: They’re your ride-or-die.

They’re always in need of stimulation and adventure, no matter how they look like a scaredy-cat. Surely, they will be with you even when the world’s falling apart. They will want to know how things play out, so expect them to stay when everyone else already left you in the dark.

Hopeless Romantic

We all have that friend: the hopeless romantic who switches between tearjerking romance movies and bubbly rom-com movies of the recent past. They might look helpless and too dreamy in love, but they cheer you up, gets supportive in your endeavors, and they definitely want their friends to win — in love, life, career, and everything.

In real life, they take the role of the lead’s best friend. They believe in love, spread love, and hope that love will find them someday. So if you have a hopeless romantic friend, support them the way they support you. Especially when the time comes for them to take the main lead role in their life. You’ll get unconditional love in return. I promise you.


We all have a friend who loves watching fantasy, and live adaptations of anything magical and musical. Some even grew up reading and watching Harry Potter. They might seem to live in their own world, but you can trust them to come up with ideas — simple or grand.

They’re actually observant and pay great attention to details, they can easily read a room and check the social atmosphere. With their imaginative minds, they can surely come up with any solution for almost anything. Their minds are always running wild, so help them pacify it by asking for their help or asking them to rest and watch some good ol’ classic.

Illustrations by Angelikah Gustilo.

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