Up-and-Coming Country Star Jaden Michaels Announces Pregnancy: ‘I Am so Excited About This Journey’

In her new song “Way of Life,” rising country star Jaden Michaels embraces the idea of stepping outside of societal norms, a theme that finds her art imitating life with the announcement that she is pregnant.

Michaels, whose written songs for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Carly Rae Jepsen, Glee star Lea Michele and provided background vocals for Demi Lovato, shares exclusively with Sounds Like Nashville that she is pregnant with her first child, a daughter. Describing her reaction to the news as a blend of “surprised” and “incredibly excited,” Michaels feels confident facing this new phase in life. “I feel I’ve been on an incredible life journey and have picked up a lot of growth and wisdoms thus far and can say I am ready to be a mom and start that part of life,” she says. “I’m also so excited she gets to be a part of the music and go on that journey with me and also have an incredible father to love her.”

“Way of Life” was written one day after Michaels found
out about her pregnancy, using her co-writing session with Trannie Anderson and
Christian Hale as an opportunity to process the thoughts and emotions that came
with the life-changing news. “All I kept thinking was ‘a lot of people go in an
order of life: get engaged, get married, have kids type thing.’ But it doesn’t
always happen that way, and even if it does, it doesn’t take into account those
feelings of surprise or all the things that can run through your mind of ‘are
we ready, am I ready, what does this mean, my work,’” she explains. “I wanted
to write through that.”

As Michaels prepares to become a first time mom, it brings to mind the valiant efforts of her own mother and the way she raised her and sibling Julia Michaels, the powerhouse pop songwriter who scored a Top 15 hit and Grammy nomination with her breakthrough hit “Issues.” As a single parent to two girls, Michaels refers to her mother as “superwoman,” viewing the impending birth of her daughter as a tribute to the woman who provided her with the skills to raise her own child.  

Jaden Michaels; Courtesy photo
Jaden Michaels; Courtesy photo

“I got see an amazing woman my whole life be so selfless
and an amazing example of a mother. The way she juggled life and got us through
it to the way Julia and I got through it growing up to get to where we are now
just felt like it should be celebrated, as well as our baby,” she praises. “I
think just because life doesn’t go one way doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful
and turned into an incredible path to an amazing journey. I am so excited about
this journey of becoming a mom.”

On the music front, the singer is slated to release her
debut EP later this year that will include her single, “Behave.”

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