Watch how Cardi B hid her pregnancy with this brilliant bodysuit illusion trick

Last month, Cardi B revealed she was pregnant with her second child while performing during the BET awards. She appears to be more than halfway through her pregnancy, so she had to keep the special secret for a few months at least. For someone who is in the public eye and constantly photographed like she is, keeping that a secret wouldn’t exactly be easy.

Unless…you knew how to fool us. And make no mistake, Cardi B knows how to fool us. In a recent TikTok video, she shared one of the ways she was able to keep us in the dark: a bodysuit.

Yes, a bodysuit. But not just any bodysuit. A bodysuit that looks like it came straight out of one of those Magic Eye books from the ’90s. It is one effective optical illusion!

Major kudos for the use of the “No one’s gonna know…how would they know?” audio for this brilliant video. But really, how woudl we know? From the front, her stomach looks completely flat. From the side, in the second half of the video, welp, there’s a baby in there!

Cardi is expecting her second child with her husband, Offset. They’re already parents to their three-year-old daughter, Kulture.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m on the hunt for a Magic Eye bodysuit of my own, for…reasons. Congrats again to the gorgeous mama-to-be!

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