Your Favourite Designer Tote Bags Are Downsizing

There’s nothing better than an everyday carryall which can pack most to all of your belongings and a good tote has easily become the bag made for the times. Heck, even this year’s NDP fun pack of choice is a tote. Now take that familiar shopper design, pich in its width, stretch its height, and shrink its size by almost half and you will end up with the mini vertical tote – the freshest bag style of the season.

Celine superstar ambassador Lalisa Manoban of Blackpink fame posted pictures of herself yesterday toting the Mini Vertical Cabas, which measures in at a fun size of 17cm x 21cm x 4cm. But it’s not just Celine that is downsizing its signature tote. Over at Louis Vuitton, the Sac Plat tote has been shrunken too, as is the case with Dior’s best-selling Book tote.

Judging by the move by these three fashion marquees, we are not surprised if the coming months will see a trail of new mini vertical totes in the market. If the diminutive pico-sized bags are too extreme for your taste, then these options can still let you make a style statement with a mini-sized bag.

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