The 2024 Is For Lovers traveling festival is set to feature a lineup of iconic bands including Hawthorne Heights, The All-American Rejects, Yellowcard, Underoath, and Thursday, among others. The festival, named after the Hawthorne Heights song “Ohio Is for Lovers,” will take place across seven locations from June to September, culminating in the closing event, Ohio Is for Lovers, on September 7 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

J.T. Woodruff, vocalist of Hawthorne Heights and co-founder of the Is For Lovers Festival, expressed excitement about the upcoming festival, stating, “We are happy to be back in 2024, soaking up the summer sun with these bands and fans, most of who have been shedding and shredding tears with us since 2004.” Woodruff emphasized the diverse and unique feel of each show, highlighting the importance of celebrating local and regional attractions at each location.

The Is For Lovers Festival aims to transport fans back to the vibrant years of their lives, providing a nostalgic and memorable experience. Woodruff noted, “We try to make it an easy day spent in beautiful locations with bands that helped shape who they are.” He also mentioned the band’s enthusiasm for connecting with fans and performing their songs live in an outdoor setting.

The festival dates include:
– 6/22 – Tahoe Is For Lovers
– 7/13 – West Virginia Is For Lovers
– 7/20 – OBX Is For Lovers
– 7/27 – Pops Is For Lovers
– 8/24 – Iowa Is For Lovers
– 8/31 – CA Is For Lovers
– 9/7 – Ohio Is For Lovers

Get ready to relive the magic of the early 2000s with the Is For Lovers Festival, as Hawthorne Heights and other beloved bands take the stage in a series of unforgettable performances across the country.

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