Dallas-born emerging artist 4batz has finally released his highly anticipated debut mixtape, “U made me a st4r*”, now available on all major streaming platforms. The mixtape is divided into two acts, “stickerz ’99” and “date @ 8,” showcasing 4batz’s talent in both writing and production.

Each track in the mixtape delves into 4batz’s personal journey, filled with themes of heartbreak and self-discovery. In an Apple Music Up Next Interview with Nedeska, he shared the inspiration behind “stickerz ’99,” where he expressed his feelings of unrequited love. Reflecting on his past relationships, “date @ 8” offers introspective insights into different chapters of his life.

Drawing from influences such as 90s R&B from his mother and 70s classics from his grandmother, 4batz infuses his mixtape with an emotive landscape that resonates with listeners on a deeper level. “U made me a st4r*” is more than just music for 4batz; it’s a journey of self-expression and emotional release.

As 4batz continues to rise in the music scene, his unique blend of rap, soulful melodies, and evocative storytelling sets him apart as a compelling storyteller. With this mixtape, he invites listeners to explore his emotions and experiences, promising to leave a lasting impact on the music industry with his heartfelt lyrics.

Prepare to embark on an intimate musical journey with 4batz as his star continues to shine bright in the music landscape, captivating audiences one lyric at a time.

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