Afro Unicorn Debuts New Roblox Experience, Bringing Diverse Characters to the Platform

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today marks a significant milestone as Afro Unicorn founder and CEO April Showers proudly announces the expansion of the fastest-growing lifestyle brand on Roblox, a global immersive gaming platform. The highly-anticipated live experience on Roblox kicks off with Afro Unicorn’s diverse characters, digital clothing, and accessories, elevating the platform’s authentic representation.

According to Ms. Showers, bringing Afro Unicorn to Roblox is a momentous occasion to positively impact a new generation of youth, including digital trendsetters and innovators. Roblox users can now adorn their avatars with Afro Unicorn’s signature pieces, such as the LOVE shirt and iconic joggers, available on the Roblox Marketplace for easy access worldwide.

The brand will continuously introduce new designs, with monthly drops scheduled throughout the spring and summer. Fans can expect a variety of iconic looks from Afro Unicorn’s existing and upcoming lines to be available on the platform, reflecting the brand’s unique style.

Emphasizing self-expression, creativity, and user experience, Afro Unicorn’s entry into Roblox aims to connect with new audiences while providing loyal fans the opportunity to customize, collect, and style their favorite Afro Unicorn avatars. Exclusive styles are available for purchase in the Avatar Shop on Roblox.

To explore the Afronia universe and add Afro Unicorn’s exclusive styles to your collection, visit the Avatar Shop on Roblox. For more information, visit Afro Unicorn’s official social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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