The Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival 2024 celebrated its 10th anniversary, showcasing the beauty and tradition of Ao Dai while promoting Vietnamese pride among citizens and international visitors. This annual festival has become a symbol of the city, attracting attention from tourists worldwide.

The 10th edition of the festival, which ran from March 7th to March 17th, 2024, featured exciting new programs and investments. With 24 image ambassadors and 30 renowned Ao Dai designers, the festival presented a special Co-Performance titled “I love Vietnamese Ao Dai,” bringing together over 5,000 women members from Thu Duc City and 21 districts, as well as festival ambassadors, artists, actors, and city residents.

In addition to the Co-Performance, the festival included various contests such as the “Charming Ao Dai Ho Chi Minh City” contest, the Ao Dai painting contest, and the logo design contest commemorating 10 years of the festival. The online Ao Dai contest “Ao Dai and 100 exciting things about Ho Chi Minh City” received over 1,500 submissions.

The Ho Chi Minh City Ao Dai Festival has been instrumental in preserving and promoting the national cultural heritage, spreading love and pride for Ao Dai over the past decade. To honor this journey, the Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings) officially recognized and awarded a record to the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee for its dedication to showcasing Vietnamese Ao Dai through the annual festival.

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