The annual Art Dash Party is set to be a lively gathering for art aficionados and festival artists alike. The main attraction of the event is the 60-Second Art Dash, an exciting competition where attendees can sprint to claim an original art piece donated by talented artists participating in the festival.

In addition to the fast-paced art dash, guests can enjoy a variety of light bites, cocktails, and live music, creating the perfect atmosphere for mingling and networking. One of the highlights of the evening will be the auction of the painting “Water Break” by this year’s Featured Artist, Regina Lyubovnaya, along with other valuable items.

Not only is the Art Dash Party a fun and engaging event, but it also serves a greater purpose. The funds raised through the live auction and ticket sales will go towards supporting The Woodlands Arts Council’s Student Art Scholarship Program, providing opportunities for budding young artists to further their education and pursue their passion for the arts.

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