The Gwangju Biennale, one of the most prestigious art festivals in Asia, has announced the lineup of artists for its 2024 show scheduled to open on September 7 in the South Korean city. The exhibition will be curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, a noted French curator recognized for his work on relational aesthetics in the 1990s. Bourriaud’s theme for the biennale is “Pansori, a soundscape of the 21st century,” drawing inspiration from a 17th-century Korean musical genre. The exhibition aims to explore the concept of sound as a fundamental element in structuring life and society.

According to the biennale’s announcement, the title “pansori” translates to “the voice of the subalterns,” suggesting a connection to subaltern studies in postcolonial South Asia. Bourriaud’s vision for the show includes a focus on multiverses, climate change, and nature, with an opera performance scheduled for the opening.

The exhibition will feature a diverse list of artists, including Saâdane Afif, Haseeb Ahmed, Deniz Aktaş, and many others. The full lineup of artists adds depth and variety to the upcoming Gwangju Biennale, promising a thought-provoking exploration of sound and contemporary life.

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