Ayodhya Temple Prepares for Ram Lalla’s First Holi Celebration

Ram Lalla, the deity at the newly constructed Ayodhya temple, is all set to celebrate Holi for the first time on Tuesday. The festivities will take place a day after the festival is observed nationwide, with nine priests conducting special prayers and applying eco-friendly ‘gulal’ on the deity.

The bright pink ‘gulal’ is made from kachnar flowers, which hold significance for devotees as the “state tree” of Ayodhya during Treta Yuga. The decision to use this special ‘gulal’ for Holi celebration was made by the temple trustees. Following the deity’s ‘shringar aarti,’ the priests will apply the ‘gulal’ on Ram Lalla before allowing devotees to participate in the celebrations.

Holi will be played from 7 am to 12 noon in a grand and divine manner, marking the first Holi celebration in Ayodhya post the temple’s consecration on January 22. The festivities have generated excitement among devotees, with expectations for Ayodhya’s Holi celebration to gain global recognition in the coming years, similar to the renowned Holi celebrations of Mathura.

The ‘gulal’ used for Ram Lalla’s celebration has been meticulously prepared by a team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Botanical Research Institute (CSIR-NBRI). The ‘gulal’ made from kachnar flowers, known for their 30 medicinal properties, serves as a safe and skin-friendly alternative to chemical-based colors.

With special attention given to using vegetable starch as the base material instead of talcum powder, this unique ‘gulal’ is easily washable and does not harm the skin. The preparation process involved collecting 5-6 kg of kachnar flowers over two months to produce 2-3 kg of the eco-friendly ‘gulal,’ ensuring a safe and enjoyable Holi celebration for Ram Lalla and devotees alike.

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