Passengers traveling through the T4 terminal at Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport were in for a pleasant surprise as they encountered a stage set up with live performances by artists like Coti and Pablo Carbonell.

The brief concert featured four iconic songs from the 80s and 90s, including hits like ‘Wolf man in Paris’, ‘My yellow water’, ‘Chiquilla’, and ‘I want to have your presence’. Passengers couldn’t resist dancing to the nostalgic tunes, transforming their mundane airport wait into a trip down memory lane.

The sounds of bustling suitcases and monotonous announcements were replaced by the energetic performances of the legendary bands, bringing a new vibe to the terminal. Passengers expressed their gratitude for the impromptu concert, making their long wait more bearable and enjoyable.

Not only did the passengers enjoy the festival, but terminal employees also joined in on the fun, creating a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era. This unique event was a teaser for the upcoming ‘Locos por la Música’ festival, set to take place at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium on April 26.

The festival will feature a lineup of renowned artists such as Coti, Fernando López from ‘Modestia Apart’, Cristina del Valle, Alberto Comesaña from ‘Amistades Peligrosas’, and DJ Nano. This musical extravaganza promises over seven hours of non-stop entertainment, showcasing a diverse range of talents including Camela and Los Rebeldes.

The live music performances at the airport are part of the ‘Feel the rhythm’ campaign by Aena, aimed at enhancing the passenger experience and infusing airports with music, dance, and culture. Under the ‘Live Sessions by Enjoy Aena’ concept, musical performances will be organized regularly at various airports, beginning with Madrid-Barajas and expanding to other locations like Barcelona-El Prat, Málaga-Costa del Sol, and Ibiza.

Aena’s initiative underscores its commitment to promoting music and enriching the airport experience for travelers. By bringing live music to airport facilities, Aena aims to create a more enjoyable and culturally rewarding journey for passengers.

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