Yukon, Oklahoma – Renowned LCSW and School Counselor, Malisa Hepner, is set to captivate readers with the release of two inspiring books on April 29, 2024. These books offer insightful perspectives on personal growth, overcoming trauma, and practical advice.

The first book, titled “Bloom: Nurturing Your Growth In a Chaotic World,” takes readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This engaging book provides valuable interpersonal guidance and practical living tips tailored to support women navigating the complexities of today’s world.

The second book, “Owning My Crazy: Learning To Overcome Trauma -Revamped-,” is a revamped version of Malisa’s 2021 memoir. This book chronicles her personal triumph over childhood trauma with raw honesty and resilience. By sharing her story of healing and growth, Malisa inspires readers to confront their own challenges with courage. The revised version includes additional information that Malisa has learned since the book’s initial release.

Join Malisa as she unveils these impactful works on April 29, 2024, inviting readers to embrace growth, resilience, and self-discovery. For media inquiries, review copies, or interview requests, please contact Malisa Hepner at Malisa.hepner@gmail.com.

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