Khawla Art and Culture, in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi, kicked off a calligraphy exhibition featuring the works of Khawla Al Suwaidi and Japanese calligrapher Yoshikawa Yoshikawa. The event, which began on April 20th and will run until April 30th, aims to celebrate the strong bond between Japan and the UAE.

The opening ceremony was attended by Japanese Ambassador to the UAE, Akio Isomata, and Dr. Lamees Al Qaisi, Director-General of Khawla Art and Culture, along with various art enthusiasts and members of the Japanese community in Abu Dhabi.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are two collaborative artworks titled “Peace” and “Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquillity,” created jointly by H.H. Sheikha Khawla Al Suwaidi and Yoshikawa. Additionally, Yoshikawa’s individual pieces showcase his exceptional talent and expertise in the art of calligraphy.

Sheikha Khawla expressed the importance of hosting such exhibitions to bolster the UAE’s role as a global cultural hub and a platform for artistic expression. She commended Yoshikawa’s artistic contributions, which shed light on Japanese calligraphy and heritage.

Dr. Lamees Al Qaisi praised the unique collaboration between Yoshikawa and Sheikha Khawla Al Suwaidi, describing it as a meeting of two distinguished figures in the art world. The exhibition serves as a testament to the creative exchange between Japanese calligraphy and Sheikha Khawla’s visual artistry.

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