DJ and producer Calvin Harris responded to criticism of his set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami over the weekend in a heated exchange on Instagram. After a commenter expressed disappointment in his performance, Harris fired back, pointing out the success of his hit songs and expressing frustration with being expected to play “Fein” trap edits.

Harris defended his set, highlighting the billions of streams his songs have accumulated and emphasizing that he played new, unreleased edits of his older tracks. He also made a point to mention that he prefers to showcase his own original music rather than playing at traditional EDM festivals.

Despite the criticism, Harris reflected on the reactions of those who were actually in attendance at the festival, noting that they seemed to enjoy themselves. He acknowledged that it’s impossible to please everyone, but expressed satisfaction in providing a memorable experience for those who were present.

Overall, Harris’s response shed light on his commitment to creating high-quality music and his desire to evolve as an artist, even if it means facing backlash from some fans.

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