Actress Camila Mendes is gearing up for the upcoming Coachella music festival and feeling like a seasoned pro when it comes to festival planning. Known for her role as Veronica Lodge on the popular show ‘Riverdale’, Camila expressed her excitement for the event.

Having grown up in Miami where music festivals are a big part of the culture, Camila shared that she has been attending festivals since her teenage years and has mastered the art of festival preparation. She confidently stated, “I’m so good at building this festival itinerary. I know exactly what to pack, how to schedule everything, and even find time for essential breaks. I’m the leader of the group when we go.”

Camila will be joined by a group of six friends, including her boyfriend Rudy Mancuso, at Coachella this year. She also plans to catch up with her ‘Riverdale’ co-star Lili Reinhart at the event, reminiscing about their first Coachella experience together.

Excited for the performances at the festival, Camila revealed her anticipation to see Lana Del Rey live for the first time. She also expressed her eagerness to discover new artists and enjoy the diverse music lineup that Coachella has to offer.

As Camila prepares for the festival, she is looking forward to creating more unforgettable memories with her friends and fellow cast members.

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