George Lucas, known as “The Maker,” is currently in France for Cannes 2024, the 77th edition of the iconic film festival. During his visit, he is set to receive the Honorary Palme D’or, a well-deserved recognition for his contribution to the world of cinema. While in Cannes, George Lucas sat down with Brut to discuss his career and the movie industry.

In a recent conversation with Brut, George Lucas reminisced about the early days of Star Wars and the moment he realized the film’s immense success. He recalled being at the beach, building sandcastles with Steven Spielberg, when friends called him to watch the news and learn about the movie’s triumph. This revelation marked a turning point for George Lucas and solidified Star Wars as a worldwide phenomenon.

Now 80 years old and retired from the movie industry, George Lucas continues to inspire fans and filmmakers alike with his timeless wisdom and unparalleled creativity. As he receives the Honorary Palme D’or at Cannes 2024, we celebrate his legacy and look forward to the priceless insights he will undoubtedly continue to share for years to come.

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