Yakinori, an independent Japanese restaurant, is excited to announce a special celebration for Chamber members and guests in honor of the Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival holds significant importance in the Japanese calendar, focusing on themes of meditation, renewal, and the essence of ‘Simply Being’.

In Japan, the Sakura tree, also known as the cherry blossom tree, is highly revered. The word Sakura can refer to both the tree itself and its delicate flowers, symbolizing beauty and transience in Japanese culture.

Chamber members are invited to enjoy a 20% discount at Yakinori’s Selly Oak and Solihull locations by using the code ‘Blossom20’. This discount is a way to commemorate the Hanami Festival, a global celebration in Japanese culture marked by gatherings with loved ones to admire the Cherry Blossom trees and express gratitude for blessings.

The beauty of the cherry blossom holds deep symbolism in Japanese traditions, reflected in literature, art, and poetry. The restaurant chain is also launching a Sakura selfie competition, where participants can take a selfie with a blossom tree for a chance to win two tickets to the Yakinori Sushi School.

The Cherry Blossom Festival serves as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the importance of cherishing moments with loved ones. Join Yakinori in celebrating this meaningful festival and enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine at a discounted rate during this special time of year.

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