Central and Eastern Canadian municipalities are gearing up for a rare and exciting event that will only last a few minutes: a total solar eclipse on April 8. Cities and towns in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island are preparing to welcome thousands of visitors eager to witness this celestial phenomenon.

From Miramichi, N.B. to Niagara Falls and Montreal, preparations are in full swing to accommodate the influx of tourists expected for the solar eclipse weekend. Miramichi, a city of about 18,000 residents, has organized a series of solar eclipse-themed events, including a drone light show, astronomy conference, music festival, and innovation fair. The city has ordered 20,000 pairs of eclipse eyewear and is anticipating a crowd of 6,000 people to gather at the Miramichi-Chatham Airport parking lot for a free view of the eclipse.

In Niagara Falls and Montreal, hotels and short-term rentals are already fully booked, with prices surging for the weekend of the eclipse. Niagara Falls is expecting up to one million visitors over the weekend, and additional GO Transit trains will be running to and from the city to accommodate the surge in travelers.

Other spots along the path of totality in Ontario, such as Hamilton, Belleville, Kingston, and Port Colborne, are also gearing up for the solar eclipse. Kingston hotels have seen an increase in bookings, with visitors from around the world expected to attend the event.

Port Colborne, located on Lake Erie, has planned educational activities for visitors, including an inflatable planetarium, telescope tours, and Let’s Talk Science presentations. Chief administrative officer Scott Luey describes the city as a front-row seat to the event, offering something for everyone.

Overall, Central and Eastern Canada are bracing for a surge of visitors eager to witness the total solar eclipse, with municipalities rolling out the red carpet to welcome tourists for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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