The Half Moon Festival on Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand’s fifth largest island, recently upgraded its audio system with a JBL Professional solution to enhance the party experience for attendees. Known for its bi-weekly outdoor dance music festival held during the half-moon phases, the event attracts partygoers from around the world and can host up to 3,000 people.

Seeking a more advanced audio setup, the festival turned to Mahajak Development to replace its outdated system, which had low-frequency blind spots that were difficult to control for sound engineers. The festival comprises three party zones – the Prime Stage, G-Floor, and The Cave – each requiring a unique set of speakers for optimal surround sound.

For the Prime Stage, 12 SRX928S subwoofers were added to the existing front arrays, alongside JBL SRX725 speakers on each side. Additional PRX918S speakers and PRX918XLF subwoofers were installed at the DJ console and VIP area for enhanced low-frequency energy, controllable via Bluetooth through the JBL Pro Connect app. The G-Floor zone features the BRX300 series of line array speakers and subwoofers, known for their compact and portable design.

Pee Pattanasiri, founder of the Half Moon Festival, expressed satisfaction with the new JBL sound system, highlighting its improved coverage and customization options for the sound engineering team. This upgrade ensures that partygoers can fully enjoy the music played by DJs in a way that was not possible with the previous audio setup.

G Amar Subash, VP and GM of Harman Professional Solutions, APAC, praised the importance of a high-quality AV system for outdoor music festivals like the Half Moon Festival, emphasizing the role of JBL products in creating immersive entertainment experiences for consumers. Mahajak Development was credited for utilizing JBL’s range of products to enhance the festival’s sound quality and overall atmosphere.

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