Cossette, the creative agency behind McDonald’s Canada successful Grand Openings campaign in 2021, has launched a new series of visuals and a toolkit for franchisees to celebrate the opening of new locations and the reopening of renovated restaurants across Canada.

The new visuals, designed by Cossette, feature bursts of confetti, a symbol of joyous occasions, and iconic McDonald’s menu items such as the Big Mac, World Famous Fries, McFlurry, and Egg McMuffin.

According to Melissa Hains, director of field marketing at McDonald’s Canada, the restaurant chain aims to offer joy to its customers through these celebrations. She emphasized that the inauguration of restaurants is about more than just expansion, it’s a celebration of the brand’s friendly and festive atmosphere that is consistent across all establishments in Canada.

Creative director Alexandre Jutras explained that the challenge was to bring the visuals to life in a unique way, using an ultra high-speed camera and a trampoline to capture the confetti in motion. The resulting photos are described as playful, modern, and captivating, perfectly representing the joyful spirit that McDonald’s Canada wants to convey.

The visual elements are now available in print for all new and renovated McDonald’s restaurants across Canada as of February 6, 2024. The campaign aims to create a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere for customers visiting the newly opened or renovated locations.

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